Resource: History in Dispute


When researching current issues, our NWC students have always appreciated the point-counterpoint structure of CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints. That same discussion format is now available in the History in Dispute series.  This time, though, the topics are ones of historical importance, rather than contemporary ones.

History in Dispute allows you to look at differing perspectives on major historical issues. Coverage is broad, including issues from antiquity all the way through the late 20th century.  Some examples of essays are:

  • Were the Crusades Motivated Primarily by Economic Considerations?
  • Did Adolf Eichmann Receive a Fair Trial?
  • What was the Effect of Large Dams in the American West?

To use this tool, simply enter keywords for your search in the search box at the top of the page. You can also see all the titles in the series by mousing over the book covers; clicking on a specific title allows you to browse the topics covered in that volume.

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