Kathleen Norris Writes Again


Last year, writer and poet Kathleen Norris visited our campus for the Day of Common Learning. During one of her speeches, she mentioned the book she was working on at the time. Her theme was acedia, a term few people know. The word means, literally, an absence of caring. It’s also known as sloth, malaise, ennui, apathy, “the blues,” being in a funk. Norris says she first started having episodes during her teen years, and since then she has periodically experienced the feeling or condition.

I happened to catch an interview with Norris on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday about her new book, titled A Marriage, Monks and a Writer’s Life: Acedia and Me.  She explores the condition of acedia, tracing it back in monastic life to the 6th century, and how it affects her – and others – still today. 

If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview online at Minnesota Public Radio.

One Response to “Kathleen Norris Writes Again”

  1. Heather Hoekstra Says:

    “Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and A Writer’s Life” by Kathleen Norris is now available for checkout @ Ramaker. You can find the title on display in our Browsing Collection. (Call Number: BT732.4 .N67 2008)

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